Shoes Trend Posting- Best 11 Nude Stiletto Pumps


Even though yesterday smelled more like autumn than spring- it was raining all day- I was dreaming of summer outfits and ways to update my wardrobe. One of the must have shoes this season are a pair of nude stiletto pumps that add sexy style and sophistication to any ensemble. Many of my bloggers friends, I am sure, would want me to say white stiletto pumps but I am not completely ready for them yet. Let’s just say we will wear light neutral color shoes with dark pants and dresses which is a step forward towards following the new trend. My favorites are, the usually sold out, Christian Louboutin Pigalle Patent leather 100mm Nude pumps that have the unique ability to bestow confidence. However, I made a selection of the top 11 chic classic nude high heels with prices starting from 30 euros.



Shopping for the top 11 Nude Stiletto Pumps

Which one do you like?

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Have a lovely Day!!!


    1. Thank you Miranda. I never really thought they were a must for me but now I wear them all the time.

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