Travel Greece- Autumn Sea

Autumn Sea Look

What’s better than a sunny day at the Autumn sea, swimming in the warm water and getting a suntan. You can actually enjoy a summer vacation in Greece in Fall. We went for the day, to an Island near Athens, Tzia. I was wearing a kind of military Fall look… A pair of green shorts from Abercrombie with a silk blouse and wool sweater from Zara. The hat with the piece sign is from a surf store in Laguna Beach, California.

Get my Autumn Sea Look

Triangl Swimsuit

I was on a detox diet eating mainly fruits, salads and fish. So, I lost what I gained during the summer vacation, three kilos to be exact and my new tight fit Australian triangl swimsuit finally looks good on me.

dog boat

Samantha- A lucky lady as my friend Miranda commented on instagram@trendsurvivor

coffee sunset

Best espresso… best sunset


Till next year 🙂

Photos © AF, me

Autumn Sea- Ambient Music for relax and meditation

Have a lovely weekend!!!


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  1. I want to be there right now, wow Nina, how marvelous! You look stunning in the first photo, just made me miss summertime! Kisses dear! xo

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