Tips for Styling Your Beach Getaway

Knowing what to bring on a beach vacation is a hard-earned, cultivated science. Any avid beach-goer will tell you that packing for the beach is crucial because once you get there, shopping opportunities at most beach resorts are limited and pricey.  To avoid looking (or feeling) like a shipwreck, style your holiday with timeless pieces and know what you need before embarking on a big beach destination.

Tips for Styling Your Beach GetawayFind The Right Look

As a general rule, plan your beach wardrobe around your bathing suits and choose the right accessories accordingly.  Bathing suits are the hardest form of clothes to buy (because, really, they have to fit just right) so pick 2-3 one-pieces or bikinis and go from there. For each outfit, you probably want to find the right cover-up, sun hat, sunglasses and, of course, a versatile beach bag that work with your bathing suit of choice.

It’s smart to stick to one pattern only: if your bikini is striped, for instance, select accessories in solid colors so that they don’t clash and take away from your look. Most beach resorts and destinations offer cocktail parties and other lounging events in the evening, so bring a form-fitting dress or two that will accentuate your tan once the sun sets.

Beach Bag Packing Essentials

Apart from fashion, take some time to carve out what products and items you need to have with you at the beach to keep you flying high. For hair, use a sea salt texturizing spray to give your hair some volume while keeping heat-related frizz at bay. For cosmetics, go easy on eye makeup and apply a tinted BB cream and setting spray to keep the solution locked in.

Look for a setting spray that comes in travel sizes so you can easily refill and take the mixture with you in your beach bag. And, of course, remember to bring extra sunscreen (including sensitive-skin sunscreen that’s suitable for your face) to keep yourself protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

Beach getaways are popular at any season, and knowing how to prepare for them will help you look your best. Before soaking in the sun, it’s worthwhile to pack your suitcase with care and choose a suitable look for your holiday. With the right accessories, a proper vacation at the beach will leave you feeling exhilarated and refreshed.

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