My Sister’s Perfect Dress


Yanna Edwardian House


Nina, my sister, had some persuading to do but in the end I succumbed and here I am being photographed in one of my favourite dresses and can’t really go back now.

I guess there are people out there interested in what one wears, proof that her blog is so successful. I have a sort of strange relationship with fashion. I like and buy beautiful clothes but I tend to wear the same thing over and over again; often not the most beautiful or flattering of my possessions but certainly clothes I feel comfortable in both in terms of cut and material.

This dress is different. I love it. I first stumbled across the shop bottom of Kings Road in London 5 years ago. I had never seen a shop like it: it only sold one type of dress (one cut) in million different variations/patterns, the clothes version of wallpaper! The cut was magnificent: soft cotton jersey, stretch, body-hugging and flattering. Body hugging and flattering normally don’t go hand in hand but in the case of this dress bizarrely they did. The dress was not cheap, close to £200 but had to have it. I ended up buying two.

I recall spending New Year’s Eve in NZ on two consecutive years with my friend Jacqui; she was wearing the pink with the watering can pattern and I was wearing the big flowers with black outline. The following year we swapped. I went back to the shop a couple of years ago and to my surprise there was a selection of them at £50 each. Instantly bought 4!

So here I am in one of those 6 dresses. This particular dress has been my dress of choice for dinners, Christmas and New Year’s Eve in both hemispheres from 2011 to 2013. This is another thing I love about this dress: can be worn winter or summer with sandals or with boots. But then again, that might be just me wearing the same clothes all year round:)

And one last word: this dress has attracted the attention and admiration of both men and women more than anything else I have ever worn.
It must have something to do with it being cute, feminine, optimistic and sexy! I suspect a killer combination.


Yanna Papaioannou Edwardian House dress

Yanna Edwardian House door

dress floral

Yanna Edwardian House shoes

Yanna Papaioannou Edwardian House -1

Yanna is wearing:

dress: West Village (Kings Road, London) you can find different pattern but same cut here and here

shoes: Francesco Morichetti

Bought these shoes July 2011 from Heavenly Soles (Devoport/Auckland NZ) so not sure if you can still buy them.

lipstick: Rebel – Mac (Bridomart/Auckland NZ)
eye pencil: Minty – Mac – (had it for years, most likely bought at Heathrow)

Photos taken at the Stylish Edwardian House in Seddon

Have a lovely Day!!!



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