Summer Essentials- The Raffia Summer Bag

En Shalla wicker basket,  raffia bag

While I always love a bright color leather summer handbag, in this post I am calling your attention to a more practical accessory- the raffia summer bag! The vacation essential.

Available in an assortment of natural shades and sizes, wear it with shorts or a dress to achieve that perfectly effortless summer vibe not only at the beach.

I got mine with the ethnik beaded handles and fringes in Switzerland of all places, at luxury store Bongenie Grieder. I love this store.

If you live in Switzerland you can order the En Shalla wicker basket with blue fringes here and brown like mine here.

Raffia beach bag

For the rest of the world you can get this amazing chic Marc Jacobs raffia handbag or the best seller raffia bag JCrew or a Michael Kors studded raffia tote (on sale) or a cute  tulip-shaped structured tote

As I was looking through the straw bags to create my top 10 list, I stumbled upon an incredible Proenza Schouler PS11 raffia bag, useless for the beach of course.

lace and raffia bag

Get Straw baskets | Raffia Summer bag

Photos © AF, me (Trend Survivor)

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Love this bag! I recently pulled my straw purse from the closet after years of forgetting about it and now I can’t believe I ever did. A straw purse really is a must-have for summer!

  2. thanks Nina! You know, I found a site or two creative make pretty beach baskets french-baskets
    best regards
    Karine French baskets

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