Street Style- My Pajama Shirt

Street Style- My New Pajama-0000

I love silk pajama sets but I didn’t think I would be wearing them to dinner at a stylish restaurant with my friends. However, thinking of it now, I should have seen it coming. I followed the silk lace nightdress trend passionately for years. It was up next with all the androgynous minimal style on the runways lately. My silk pajama top features hot air balloons with a dark blue contrast trim. I am so proud with my smart buy, I got it for 17.99 from Zara. Almost, without thinking I matched it with a pair of Abercrombie skinny jeans and the stylish Acne boots I got in Covent Garden last February with my sister. It was cold, so I wore the Marc by Marc Jacobs black leather jacket on top. We went to a cute place called Pic Nic Bar in the  northern suburbs of Athens. Pic Nic Bar is more than a bar. The Food and Swing in the title refer to a full menu of treats with an Eastern flair. My favorite dishes are hummus and  coral-colored Tandoori chicken with rice. Love the relaxed and hip atmosphere.

Street Style- My New Pajama-0001


Street Style- My New Pajama-0005

Street Style- My New Pajama-0013

Street Style- My New Pajama-0012

Street Style- My New Pajama-0011

Street Style- My New Pajama-0010

Street Style- My New Pajama-0007

Street Style- My New Pajama-0008

Street Style- My New Pajama-0009

Street Style- My New Pajama-0002

Street Style- My New Pajama-0003

Street Style- My New Pajama-0004

I was wearing:

Pajama silk shirt Zara. You can find similar here and here

Leather Jacket Marc by Marc Jacobs

Ring Daphne Valente You can contact here

Skinny Jeans Abercrombie

Hair Tie Juicy Couture

Sunglasses Celine Audrey

Handbag Prada

Acne Cypress ankle boots

I went to:

Pic Nic Bar

1, Nikolaou Plastira str., Nea Erythrea, tel. 210 8077501

Photos © AF

Have a lovely Day!!!


  1. That does not look like a pj top but I love it and I love the idea of wearing it out to dinner, you can be cozy and stylish all at the same time!

  2. Great idea!………I have two silky pajama sets that I’ve never worn. One black, the other cream. I do believe that I’ll try wearing the tops! Thanks for this great inspiration!

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