Strawberry cake

This strawberry cake recipe reminds me of my childhood. It is the cake my mother used to prepare for my sister’s birthday which is today!!! Happy birthday, Yanna!!! London is amazing but I wish you where here today!!!

Ingredients for Minimal Strawberry Cake

2 kg fresh stawberries

2 round meringues

1 kg whipped cream

caramelized almonds (my addition)

We always bought these ingredients from Varsos, a traditional Greek Pastry Shop founded in 1892.

Instructions for Minimal Strawberry Cake

Wash strawberries


Meringue from Varsos


Place Meringue on a platter
Whipped cream


Whipped cream on meringue


Cut and place strawberries on meringue
Caramelized Almonds


Crash almonds with a ... stone
Second layer meringue and strawberries


Place strawberries and almonds on second Meringue and your Strawberry cake is ready!!!

Mouthwatering Huh??

Have a Lovely Week!!!


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  1. Yummy yummy yummy! This looks delicious! Happy birthday Yanna! Ever since I read this posts title I have been whispering the song “strawberry fields forever” from The Beatles. Haha!

    Many kisses
    Out Of The Box

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