PS- Slippers and Cats in California

slippers, cats and spanakopita

A friendly fluffy cat and my Kitty Slippers by Charlotte Olympia

I wore my kitty slippers by Charlotte Olympia for lunch at a new trendy Greek restaurant in La Jolla, California called BarleyanFigs (Stay tuned restaurant post with yummy advice coming up next.) On our way there a fluffy super cute cat stopped me, obviously impressed by my stylish shoes. I took some pictures with my camera and as you can see she posed like a pro.

fluffy cat

fluffy cat

kitty slippers, fluffy cat

If you are impressed by my slippers like the cat you have to have them can find them here

If you just like the idea of animal designs on your shoes shop the thumbnails below

Photos © me (Trendsurvivor)

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. The cat couldn’t resist your purrfect slippers and I can’t resist that super fluffy putty cat with those gorgeous blue eyes, I mean this is by far the cutest, sweetest, most charming post I ever saw! Thanks for sharing, it made my Sunday coffee sweater in the morning:):):)

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