PS (Personal Style) Mixing Prints- Florals and Dots

PS (Personal Style) Mixing Prints- Florals and Dots-0008

I feel I have grown regarding mixing prints! I had started by posting inspirational photos of florals and geometrical prints, when the trend started and ended up even writing an article on styling tips on how to mix prints. The other day, I was getting ready for Angela’s birthday party at Cash, a cool trendy restaurant and bar in the northern suburbs of Athens. My beach wave hair was all set and the only thing I knew for certain was I would wear my new skirt from Australia by designers Bec and Bridge. After trying a black cropped top, which looked like I came from the 80’s and a loose fit shirt that looked sloppy… I had the epiphany to try the blue dotted Zara silk blouse. I hope the designer will be proud of my creative mix.:) The blue Prada leather jacket and the Calvin Klein woven leather booties from Macy’s completed my party look.

Chanel bag, Korres lip gloss

PS (Personal Style) Mixing Prints- Florals and Dots-0003

PS (Personal Style) Mixing Prints- Florals and Dots-0010

Prada leather jacket

PS (Personal Style) Mixing Prints- Florals and Dots-0000

PS (Personal Style) Mixing Prints- Florals and Dots-0005

PS (Personal Style) Mixing Prints- Florals and Dots-0007

PS (Personal Style) Mixing Prints- Florals and Dots-0001

Twins Bec and Bridge

Blouse Silk dotted Zara

Floral skirt Bec and Bridge

Blue leather jacket Prada

White Chanel Bag

Celine Audrey Sunglasses

Booties Black woven leather Calvin Klein

Korres lipgloss Red Cherry 

Bracelet unique design from Everett Designs Jewelry store at La Marina in Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic.

Rings from Greek jewelry designer Thomas

Rolex Watch

Photos © AF

P.S. If you like my hair… go to for two beach waves hairstyle easy to follow instructions.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. hey,
    I found your blog via jenniferstanosblog
    and I looove your site, your style is amazing,
    great posts on your blog and great sense of fashion!
    Definately will come back here!
    If you want to, we can follow each other?
    Just let me know and drop me a line.
    Lot of greetings,

  2. love the print mix and also looove bec and bridge – quite jealous you have a piece!

    p.s. thanks so much for your sweet comment.x

    1. I actually wanted the jeans pants with the same floral design but it was sold out in my size grrr

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