PS- Light Blue Jeans X Burgundy X Pet Stroller

Street Style, Dog stroller casual outfit, cavalier king charles spaniel

Light blue jeans are the hottest denim trend this Spring, from skinny distressed to bell bottom anything goes as long as it has a pastel blue shade.

Classic black Biker Leather Jacket Asos | Burgundy and Pastel Blue sweater H&M | Light blue wash denim Joe’s (similar here)| Belt Prada | Boots Isabel Marant (similar here and here) | Sunglasses Italia Independent |  Pet stroller

Happy Easter Everyone!

Cavalier King Charles inside dog stroller

dog inside pet sroller

One of the most stylish color combos coming up next is pastel blue contrasted with burgundy. I loved it in the Fall Winter 2014 Mary Katrantzou collection and I was eager to wear it asap.

My Joe’s light blue jeans and burgundy Italia Independent sunglasses were the starting point. I already had an oversized sweater from H&M in my closet with this color combo so adding the Isabel Marant boots and Asos biker leather jacket were a no brainer.

The new Dog stroller had just arrived from Amazon and Spot (my baby cavalier King Charles spaniel a beginner lifestyle blogger at was happy to try it out and write a review for his blog. It was very practical especially when he got tired from walking. He loves coming along for shopping and coffee with friends but inside the stores he gets tired and bored. The stroller was the perfect solution. I think nobody had ever seen a pet stroller before in Kifissia. It made a big impression.

Remember the quote 29. What other people think of you is none of your business, from the 45 Life Lessons, written by a 90 year old by 50 year old, award winning writer Regina Brett.

Street Style, Pet stroller casual outfit

ombre hair

Balenciaga light blue handbag, street style

blue burgundy sweater

Isabel Marant studded boots

Light blue denim, leather jacket

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