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This vintage Chanel look is what I wore to dinner at a grill restaurant in Athens called Barque. Even though I live very near, I had never been there until a few days ago. It has lovely food, mostly meat and a fun atmosphere. It even has live Greek music on Saturdays, which explains the logo “taste the fun”. Definitely an option if you are in the Northern Suburbs.

Barque- Vangelis Paterakis photo


Love the interior decor by k-studio.

Trendsurvivor- Chanel Vintage- Taste the fun09

I was wearing a Chanel inspired dress-shorts from Zara. The French designer’s signature white collar reminded me I have a Chanel vintage gold necklace and a pair of bow earrings back I bought back in the 90s from the Chanel shop in Lugano. This cool Zara romper could be ungraded to true Chanel status… with these accessories…

Trendsurvivor- Chanel Vintage- Taste the fun07

Trendsurvivor- Chanel Vintage- Taste the fun02

Trendsurvivor- Chanel Vintage- Taste the fun05

I matched my playsuit with a pair of black ankle boots by Yves Saint Laurant and a black vintage Chanel tiny purse from the same shop.

I was wearing:

Zara white collar romper ( very similar black dress with white collar from Asos)

Yves Saint Laurant boots(very similar)

Chanel accessories

I went for dinner to:


Charilaou Trikoupi 127, N. Erythrea

tel 210-80002201-2

Shop my Vintage Chanel Look

Photos © AF, me

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Your combo is flawless Nina, you look so wonderful! Love the dress and all the accessories, truly fashionable!:) Happy Friday, kisses! xo

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