Pinko and Greek Designers

Pinko and Greek Designer

On Monday, I went with my friend Roula Linatsa to a cool Pinko fashion event at the Golden Hall, in Athens. Three Greek designers Irene Vergitsi, Anny Papadimitriou and Tomy K created a limited edition of numbered  t-shirts exclusively for the famous Italian brand Pinko. (Image #1- Irene Vergitsi signs the t-shirt of stylish jewelry designer Mariangela Paravalou- Tricardou)  I was really happy to see all my ex- colleagues. Loved my demanding job as a marketing manager at Rakas Group but I am happier and more creative as a professional fashion and style blogger. Chatting with Pinko manager Paola Guareschi was as interesting as always. I was impressed by the concept she explained to me about the new ethical bags collection with the aboriginal prints. Plus, did you know one of the best selling Pinko stores, is the shop in shop at the “Way In” department inside Harrods?


Pinko and Greek Designers 5

T-shirts Pinko and Greek designers-0000

Laura Loukeri and Paola GuareschiPinko and Greek designers-0002

Laura Loukeri with Pinko manager from Italy headquarters, Paola Guareschi

Pinko and Greek designers-0000-  filio metsi blog all you need is styleGreek Fashion Blogger Filio Metsi ( All you need is Style)


Greek Fashion Blogger Christina Korovessi (Lemoncake Wardrobe)

1 Pinko and Greek designers-0000

My cute little Pinko data stick present with all the info inspired me…

stick Pinko and Greek designers-0000

Pinko and Greek designers Nina Papaioannou Roula Linatsa

Nina Trendsurvivor Papaioannou and Roula Linatsa

Stay tuned, I will show you all the details of what I was wearing in my next post!

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Hi Nina! Must be so nice being there! This brand is actually one of my fav! Curious to see better your look! The data stick is to die for! Kisses dear! xo

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