Personal Style- The Effortless Black and White Look

The Effortless Black and White Look 1

I mean it. This is an effortless black and white look because that Sunday all my efforts went to inviting, decorating, cooking and photographing my girlfriends. (You can see Nathalie here, Alexandra here, Vassia here, Alexia here, Maria here, Gina here and Dania here). I usually don’t plan my outfits in advance because I don’t know what I will feel like wearing. Which is terribly annoying especially when I am packing for a trip. I spent 0 time getting dressed. I just wore my Preen suede leather leggings and Isabel Marant relatively low heel boots and took it from there. It was a warm day and I still had a lot to do, so, I wore an All Saints white cotton tank top. As a jacket, I wore a black shirt by Australian designer Saxony. Just before everybody arrived AF took my pictures super fast and from that day on he calls himself commando.



Black and white 3

The Effortless Black and White Look 5

 Asos man Earrings

The Effortless Black and White Look 6

Ring Alibi

Earrings Alexi Andriotti accessories 

Black and white


Isabel Marant Celine


The Effortless Black and White Look 3

My mother’s and Nathalie’s Chanel bags on our couch.

The Effortless Black and White Look 4

The Effortless Black and White Look-0000

I was wering:

Tank top All Saints. You can find similar here

Leather Suede Skinny pants Preen. You can find similar here

Shirt Saxony. You can find here

Watch Rolex Milgauss. You can find here

Handbag Celine

Booties Isabel Marant

Photos © AF

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. I love your jewellery Nina, it’s all so pretty, especially adore the rings. Great outfit sweetie 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. Hi Nina, the looks is very cool, always love the total black style with a hint of white! The bag is just gorgeous! Kisses! xo

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