Our baby Spot… Dog Party

Spot Birthday boy

Cavalier King Charles Birthday cake

Spot and Nina Papaioannou

Our baby Cavalier Spot’s  Dog Party reminded me how  fun it was when my kids were young and we had their birthdays parties in the garden.

All the preparations, the excitement…

All of Spot’s friends were invited which are about 20 cavalier King Charles super sweet dogs, his buddy Croco!

We had kids too…

I have uploaded loads of pictures on his blog …

If you love dogs, you will have an overdose of cuteness.

The Best Of My 1st Dog Birthday Party With Gaston

Cavalier King Charles Party22

Cavalier King Charles Party

However, on this blog I will share a few of my favorite pictures, his amazing cavalier King Charles birthday cake by Pavlov’s Lab and what I wore …it’s TrendSurvivor … after all…

So here is what to wear for a dog party hahahaha

Nina Papaioannou and Anastasia Gerogianni

Dania’a daughter Anastasia, the birthday boy Spot and me

I wore a cropped boyfriend Acne jeans, a black cashmere sweater from Zara (worth checking JCrew CashmereUse code GETWARM  for 25% discount) and my Isabel Marant Dicker boots, available also at Luisa Via Roma.

I got my bordeaux Celine sunglasses from Be Seen in Kifissia but you can find very similar Celine here and less expensive red sunglasses at Asos.

Dania told me Anastasia is wearing a boy’s  jacket, I think she told me from Gap… Raiding the kids boy section ….

Shop Get the look

Photos- Manes, Rena Gallou, Dania Stavraka

Thank you for reading!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!


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