My Lookbook : How To wear Eccentric Leggings-Thights!


Miu Miu Skirt and lace Alexander McQueen leggings
Miu Miu Skirt and lace Alexander McQueen leggings

It is a known fact, that no matter how much time you allot yourself in the morning, you will still end up frantically rushing out the door.  The cause, I’ve discovered, is what is known as multiple outfit changes. I decided I wanted to wear my Alexander McQueen eccentric tights-leggings and although I wanted to be creative and match them with something unexpected I decided a total black outfit works best for me. What do you think?

Miu Miu Skirt lace Alexander McQueen leggings
Miu Miu Skirt

Alexander McQueen Leggings Isabel Marant Boots
 Top: Sisley
Skirt : Miu Miu
Leggings-Tights : Alexander McQueen
Boots : Isabel Marant

Have a lovely Day!

  1. >Hello!!! I just found your blog! SO NICE!
    I agree with you: total black works perfectly with eccentric/fancy tights! I usually wear them more during Xmas holidays or a party,but I think you can wear it in the Office,or it is too much?
    Eimai mia Portogalida pou menei xronia Ellada(Kriti).Tha parakolouthiso to blog sou! Eisai poli OMORFI ginaika!

  2. >Lovely tights Nina! I really like how you have matched them with a black skirt and top! It is perfect for a morning outfit since you can make your statement without being too loud! Of course you can always wear something colorful for a more eccentric look!

    Out Of The Box

  3. >Perfect…The contradiction between the simple-classic-black dress and the festive and loud tights create the perfect tension 😉


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