Hotel Grande Bretagne- My Kate Moss- Erin Wasson Leopard Fur Moment

Leopard fur Coat, Trendsurvivor

A few days ago, I was planning to go downtown to visit two photography exhibitions and do a glamorous leopard fur themed street style photo shoot in the centre of Athens. Specifically, the idea was we would shoot a paparazzi style picture in the entance of the historic stylish Athenian Hotel Grande Bretagne with me posing as… Kate Moss in my Leopard fur coat! 🙂 Well, it was that Thursday afternoon that rained cats and dogs. Luckily, just  before we left we shot some pictures in the entrance of my house. As for images of the historic Hotel Grand Bretagne, I found a few online. So, here is my not as planned glam Kate Moss- Erin Wasson moment. I am wearing an amazing vintage Leopard fur coat, my ex mother in law gave me as a present. She lived in Africa when she was young. I matched it with a pair of brown Zara leggings and a Joseph cashmere twin set. My Bottega Veneta brown handbag which you have also seen here and my YSL suede booties completed the outfit. Regarding the exhibitions, first we went Luis Ramon Marin one, at the Instituto Cervantes and then to the “Time in Turkey” at the Technopolis Culture and Art Center. I will show you relative pictures about these tomorrow. Stay tuned!

A historic 19th century of the Hotel Grand Bretagne
The lobby of the Hotel Grande Bratagne
The entrance of the Hotel Grand Bretagne in Athens
Alexa Chung wearing Leopard jacket
Alexa Chung wearing Leopard jacket


kate moss_november 2012, Leopard fur Coat
Kate Moss
Erin Wasson leatherand fur leopard  coat
Erin Wasson

Cashmere Twin Set Joseph

Bottega Veneta Bag and Leopard coat

Leopard car Rolls Royce

How about this leopard print RR accessory??

Cashmere Twin Set Joseph, Leopard coat

I was wearing:

Vintage Fur Leopard Coat

Cashmere twin set Joseph

Leggings Zara

Handbag Brown Bottega Veneta Roma intrecciato leather tote, you can find  here and here

Sunglasses Chloe

Shoes Yves Saint Laurant

Photos AF, Hotel Grande Bretagne, The Trend Diaries

Have a lovely Day!!!


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