Monte Carlo Travel Tips

For those interested in luxury travel around Europe, there really isn’t a better option than Monte Carlo. While the city has earned its reputation for opulence, it’s also a little more accessible than many assume. That’s something of a perfect combination – you can go and enjoy yourself, and also strut your stuff like a bona fide Monaco high roller! Beyond accessibility though, we have some specific travel tips you may want to keep in mind.




Walk The Harbor

It’s difficult to think of a more iconic landmark or scene than the Monte Carlo harbor. Known for a constantly shifting population of impressive yachts, as well as for serving as the backdrop for the most famous Formula 1 race in the world, it’s the defining corner of the city. Best of all, it’s free to visit! Your top priority when visiting Monte Carlo should be to walk along the harbor, where you can enjoy being close to the water and getting a look at some extraordinary boats. For that matter you can also commission a yacht for a day or rent a smaller boat to take out, but those are more expensive activities.

Dine By The Water

Look through any respectable list of Monte Carlo’s best restaurants and you’ll find that many of them have terraces overlooking the water. There’s plenty of fine dining in the city, but nothing beats having a great meal with a view of your surroundings, given that it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In particular, Le Vistamar and Horizon Deck are some of the names to keep in mind.

Explore the Legendary Casino




Casino de Monte Carlo truly is the stuff of legend – arguably the most famous casino in the world. Walking into the atrium feels like you’ve stepped into a Victorian palace, and that’s before you even get to the gaming rooms. For those, you may want to be prepared in advance. Slots and roulette are easy enough for everyone, but you may want to practice blackjack (it’s one of the most accessible online options available among casino games), and you may want to avoid poker if you’re not an expert. People at Casino de Monte Carlo tend to know what they’re doing, so the games can be somewhat intimidating. But you’ll definitely want to dress up and explore even if you don’t spend much time at the tables.

Visit The Museums

Monte Carlo has some excellent museums, and they’re not exactly what you may be used to in major European cities. Typically you’ll get a blend of excellent art from different eras, artifacts from ancient cultures, and sometimes bits and pieces of natural history. Here, the two main attractions are an automobile museum (only fitting due to the city’s association with the Monaco Grand Prix) and an Oceanographic Museum, which displays materials related to marine sciences, and which is quite an attraction in and of itself.

Check Out The Chocolaterie



Can you resist a place that’s known as the official chocolate maker of Monaco since 1920? It’s not exactly built for a stop on a sightseeing tour or as a place for any kind of major activity, but it’s still something that should be on your list during the trip. Fancy, top-notch sweets in elegant packaging are about as good as you could dream up.

Enjoy The Beaches

Lastly, keep in mind that Monte Carlo is essentially an extension of the French Riviera, and a legitimate Mediterranean paradise. Accordingly, it has some very beautiful beach areas. The main public beach is Larvotto, but whether you specifically spend time there or not, make sure you leave some time to stroll along the coast or have a drink at a beachside café. At a certain point you just have to appreciate the city’s setting, which is even more exceptional than its famous attractions.

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