Marrakesh useful Travel Tips

Marrakesh is one of the most important cities in Morroco. It’s located to the north of the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

When visiting Marrakesh there are things you do and some things you DONT do. Good to know in advance…


Marakesh market

Nomad Marroco Trendsurvivor

Riad idoine Morroco Yvonne Alexandridou dress00

with AF at the Nomad restaurant overlooking the market


DO : Bargain with taxi drivers or ask them to use the meter.

For example, one afternoon we enquired with our riad manager how much a taxi should cost to ‘x’. He informed us 10 dh – but then very quickly stated that we would never find a taxi driver that would charge us that, that the going rate for a tourist is at least 50 dh.

So try to find the going rate for tourist…

DONT : Trust anyone who offers advice without being asked

Do not trust anyone who offers advice without being asked. I know it sounds harsh, yet it will improve your experience 100%.

Don’t get me wrong the majority of the people are very nice and friendly. If you do get lost – which is possible given the confusing maze like nature of the medina- ask in a local shop, or seek directions from an elderly person – people offering spontaneous help are more often than not are in it to take advantage of you. Usually take you to a store or ask for a tip to take you where you want.

DO : Stay in a Riad


Marrakesh roof top

Riad Idoine bedroom

our bedroom at Riad Idoine

Riad idoine Morroco Yvonne Alexandridou dress01

Morroco Riad[br]

Marrakesh is kind of famous for it’s beautiful Riads, so avoid the luxury resorts outside of the medina.


DONT: Explore the Medina at night by yourself.

Our Riad was fabulous. Just at the right location in Medina near to all the top restaurants and our guard escorted us every night.


DO : Wear long dresses

As far as muslim countries go, Morocco is relatively relaxed, but when you go out avoid anything too revealing. My styling tip when you travel to Marrakesh is to wear beautiful caftans or long ethnic dresses.


Ayala Bar earrings Aigina Asao

Trendsurvivor Riad Idoine Yvonne Alexandridou linen dress


Dress by Greek designer Yvonne Alexandridi similar here

Earrings by Ayala Bar from Asao in Aigina Island in Greece similar here

Flat sandal Jack Rogers also  in tan  , Also I love the beige Cara mules (on sale) and this  (on sale) and this

Leather handbag Zara (last season) similar here





Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!



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