Maria Xanthakos- Unique Edgy Style

Maria Xanthakos- Unique Edgy Style-0003

With an endless list of jobs related to art, fashion and interior decor Maria Xanthakos undeniably has a distinct sense of style. She sure knows how to mix and layer clothes. She arrived wearing her latest designer discovery… a bag named “numero 10” by craftsman Alberto Mondini, when most of my friends were wearing Chanel. You see what I mean…Don’t get me wrong I love Chanel too :).


Maria Xanthakos- Unique Edgy Style-0002

Maria Xanthakos- Unique Edgy Style-0004

Maria Xanthakos- Unique Edgy Style-0001

Maria Xanthakos- Unique Edgy Style-0000

Maria Xanthakos was wearing:

Shirt Silk Irfes

Leather vest Uterque

Pants Z Brand

Bag Numero 10 You can find here

Boots Henry Begielin. You can find similar here

Sunglasses Urbani from a store in Venice. You can find here

I just asked Maria about her lip color… it’s Mac Up The Amp A72. You can find here

Photos © Nina

Have a lovely Day!!!

    1. Maria’s scarf is from India. However, my sister told me she saw a similar on in Target yesterday…

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