Instagram- Each Picture is at least… 140 characters?!

Instagram Side hair braid, nails

Instagram photos for me are like tweets… where each picture is 30 words… or about 140 characters?!

If I would be tweeting:

Picture 1: My favorite Greek yoghurt is Olympos 2% fat, I love shabby chic furniture and I am still wearing my Miu Miu sneakers I got last year.

Picture 2: Oliver missed me?… Would you know who he is from a tweet?

Picture 3: Got my nails done in one more crazy style and I am reading W magazine while I am waiting for the nail polish to dry.

Picture 4: Got a side braid and my hair is at last long enough to have a… thin fishtail too!

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Instagram Valentino

Picture 5: I had a Venti Mocha Frapuccino Light with whipped cream…ok, you wouldn’t know it’s light from the picture…

Picture 6: I am only adding bracelets to my hand this summer.

Picture 7: I am in love, again!

Picture 8: My heart is beating faster but I have to make a decision…Shh at Carouzos they have Valentino Spring-Summer 2012 Collection at 50% off.

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So what do you prefer Tweets or Instagram photos?

 Have a lovely Day!!!



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