Celebrity Sunglasses- Find Out What Suits You

by Gui Paganini for Criativia
by Gui Paganini for Criativia
Tom Ford glasses
Tom Ford glasses

Censor sunglasses suit everybody!!! by Urban Outfitters
George Antonio's Crazy sunglasses !
George Antonio’s Crazy sunglasses !

Do you want to know- How to choose the perfect celebrity sunglasses for your face shape??!!!  Have a look at what glasses and sunglasses celebrities are wearing depending on their face shape and get inspired 🙂

James Dean with trendy glasses
James Dean is a style icon with trendy glasses
Celebrities with sunglasses
Celebrities with sunglasses
Jackie Kennedy Onasis wearing her famous sunglasses
Jackie Kennedy Onasis wearing her famous sunglasses
Lady Gaga sunglasses Vogue
Lady Gaga wearing sunglasses for Vogue
Anna Wintour illustation style icon bob, sunglasses and green suit
Anna Wintour the amazing style icon with her trademark sunglasses
Audrey Hepburn wears the iconic sunglasses Breakfast Tiffany's
Audrey Hepburn wears the iconic sunglasses … from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s
ashley-smith retro sunglasses
Ashley Smith retro Brigitte Bardot style sunglasses
Brigitte Bardot style icon sunglasses
Brigitte Bardot, style icon wearing sunglasses
Anna Dello Russo black sunglasses
Anna Dello Russo wearing big black sunglasses
Kate Moss Aviator sunglasses
Kate Moss Aviator sunglasses

Many people have difficulty shopping for sunglasses because they are not sure which types will flatter them. This article will help you find the style best suited to you.

The key to finding the right sunglasses for your face is balance.


To find your best shape of sunglasses, try to flatter your features by balancing them out with the shape of your sunglasses. In other words, whatever the shape of your face is, wear the opposite shape of sunglasses. For example if you have a round face you should wear square or rectangular shaped sunglasses and if you have a square face you should wear rounded sunglasses.


Trendy sunglasses 2011
Trendy sunglasses for 2011

In terms of size, you should try to match the size of the sunglasses to the size of your face. For example, if you have a small face with delicate features, smaller sunglasses are best. If you have a large face with bold facial features, bigger dramatic sunglasses are best.

Retro sunglasses 1950 Collage
Retro sunglasses 1950 Collage

An exception to these rules are those people who are not looking to balance their features, but instead want to exagerate or call attention to a feature they like. For example, if you want to call attention to your small delicate features you could wear large sunglasses to make your features look even smaller and more delicate. If you want to call attention to a square or angular face, you could wear sunglasses with hard angles to draw attention to this feature.

If you have a particularly small or narrow face, consider trying child sized sunglasses. On very petite adult faces they will look well proportioned.

Confused ? Which glasses suit you ?

Lastly, think about whether the latest trend flatters your face shape or if a more classical style is better for you.

High Fashion by Corey Ford

Famous Square Faces : Demi Moore, Sandra Bulock and Brad Pit

Is your face Square ???

Are you like Demi Moore, Sandra Bulock or Brad Pit ???

Have a look at their favorite sunglasses and learn what suits you best if you have a square face!

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher wearing sunglasses 2011
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher wearing sunglasses
Sandra Bullock wearing sunglasses
Brad Pitt wearing ray ban aviator sunglasses!!!!!
Brad Pitt looks good in these sunglasses!

Facial Features

Angular face with a strong jaw line, broad forehead and square chin. Proportional length and width.

Frames to Try

 Oval and round frames

Glasses with temples that are center set or that connect at the top of the frame

Butterfly shaped glasses

Frames to Avoid

Geometric and square shaped frames that accentuate angles of the face

Low-set temples or color accents on the bottom of the frames that draw emphasis to the chin

Famous Oval Faces: Julia Roberts, Beyonce Knowles

Is your face Oval ???

Are you like Julia Roberts or Beyonce Knowles??

Julia Roberts in Persol sunglasses
Julia Roberts wearing aviator Ray Ban
Julia Roberts in Ray-Ban
Beyonce sexy in glasses and underwear
Beyonce looks sexy in glasses and underwear
Beyonce Knowles wearing Ray Ban sunglasses
Beyonce Knowles wearing sunglasses
Beyonce Kowles wearing trendy sunglasses

Facial Features

Mostly balanced proportions. chin is slightly narrower than forehead and cheekbones are high.

Frames to Try

Most frame shapes work with oval faces.

Square, rectangular and geometric shapes which add angles to soft curves

Frames to Avoid

Frames that are too large for your features.

Famous Diamond Faces: Linda Evangelista and Madonna

Linda Evagelista sunglasses for DSQuared
Linda Evagelista sunglasses for DSQuared
Linda Evangelista sunglasses
Linda Evangelista in Jackie O style sunglasses
Madonna for Dolce Gabbana
Madonna sets the Thierry Lasry Sunglasses Trend for 2011
Madonna sets the Thierry Lasry Sunglasses Trend for 2011

Facial Features

Narrow at the eye line and the jaw line with a small forehead and chin. Angular features with dramatic cheekbones.

Frames to Try

Upswept styles like cat eye that emphasize the cheek bones.

Oval frames that maintain balance.

Rimless styles that allow cheek bones to shine.

Frames to Avoid

Narrow frames that draw attention to narrow eye line.

Famous Heart Faces: Jennifer Aniston and Halle Barry
Jennifer Aniston wearing gold Watch by Rolex and Glasses by Oliver Peoples
Halle Berry wearing Badgley Mischka Gunmetal “Storm” Sunglasses
Halle Berry wearing aviator sunglasses

Facial Features

Broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin.

Frames to Try

Bottom-heavy frames that add width to lower face.

Styles with low-set temples to draw attention downward.

Narrow, round frames that soften the forehead.

Frames to Avoid

Top-heavy styles that draw attention upward.

Decorative temples that accentuate the broad upper face.

What I wore this summer?

Nina Papaioannou Tom Ford Aviator sunglasses
I wore again my Tom Ford Aviator sunglasses I got three years ago!

I love my friend Dania’s style! Always one step ahead!!!

Dania Stavraka-Gerogianni wearing Celine sunglasses
Dania Stavraka-Gerogianni wearing Celine sunglasses
Dania Stavraka-Gerogianni wearing Celine sunglasses
Enjoy the water … protect your eyes!

 Have a lovely Day!!!


  1. Like like like! A very useful article for everyone who wants to shop a new pair of sunglasses for the summer, and has trouble finding the one that suits them best. I only disagree to the fact that Linda Evangelista has got a diamond shaped face: I believe it’s clearly an oval shape. Congratulations for the blog!

  2. Thank you for your comment!!! 🙂

    A diamond face shape has a long and narrow appearance. The widest part of the face is the cheekbones, while the forehead and jaw line are narrow. It features a pointy chin.

    However, she is so beautiful I guess almost everything would suit her!
    Have a nice day!

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