Hydra Shopping- My Pre- Summer Greek Island Look

Hydra Island Look

Everybody last night was watching the Champion League football game and I was working on the pictures of my pre-summer Greek Island look. My outfit is what I wore to dinner at Omilos, one of the best bar-restaurants in Hydra.

However, what I want to write about is Hydra’s best shopping spots. My new favorite store in the island is called Zoe’s. I love going shopping in the Greek islands, let me rephrase…I know my family and friends are reading.. I love going shopping everywhere I go. However, I shop only the things I really like and think are value for money. My new purchases are a bracelet by jewelry designer Christina Brampti and a necklace made by a piece of wood immersed in 925 silver with turquoise and lapis beads, handmade by talented amateur jewelry designer and shop owner Zoe Georgiou. I also loved ElenaVotsi’s sophisticated jewelry shop and make sure you also check “Speak Out” . My friend Tania bought an amazing Faliero Sarti scarf.  I will take a picture asap. Stay tuned…

Hydra-Trendsurvivor- Outfit-0000

Hydra-Trendsurvivor- Outfit-0002

Necklace from Zoe’s

Hydra-Trendsurvivor- Outfit-0001

Hydra-Trendsurvivor- Outfit-0003

Bracelet by Christina Brampti

Hydra-Trendsurvivor- Island Look

Hydra-Trendsurvivor- Outfit-0010Elena Votsi’s Shop

Hydra-Trendsurvivor- Outfit-0011

Hydra-Trendsurvivor- Outfit-0009

I was wearing:

White blouse Gap

Striped red and white shorts Zara

Jacket Juicy Couture

Flat studded sandals Prada

Sunglasses Celine Audresy

Tiny clutch Coach

Best shops in Hydra:


Elena Votsi

Speak Out

Photos © AF, me

Submitted to the ifb project 97– carry your clutch

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Fantastic look Nina, I like everything on you! The photos are also beautiful, what a location!:) Happy Sunday! xo

    1. Thank you my dear friend…buying a pair of striped shorts in February payed off 🙂

  2. Hi Nina, I am Zoe from Hydra. I wanted to thank you so much for writing about my shop and I hope to see you again soon. If you don’t mind changing the name of the shop in your ‘Best shops in Hydra’ list to Zoe’s. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Zoe,

      sorry about that, I just changed it. I am wearing your necklace a lot and I have received a lot of compliments…:)

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