How to do 5 stylish pretty glam medium hair updos

5 easy stylish, pretty glam, medium hair updos you can actually also do by yourself!

1..Messy low bun

messy low updo

2… Quick Twist40-Stylish-Updos-For-Medium-Hair33
How To Style
Make a central partition.
Gather one half of your hair.
Twist it neatly and pin it up at the back of the other side of your head using bobby pins.
Do the same with the remaining other half of your hair.
The two sections should overlap each other in the fashion of a simple knot.
Tuck away the stray strands using U-pins.
Spritz the hairdo with a light-hold hairspray.
If you want, you can accessorize the hairdo with an add on like a decorative comb or clip.

3…Looped low bun

looped low bun
How To Style
Gather all your hair at the base of your head.
Take out a section of hair from one side.
Gather the rest of your hair and tie it into a ponytail.
Then, loop half of the ponytail through another twist of the hair elastic for a looped ponytail.
Now, take the side section kept aside earlier and wrap it around the looped ponytail.
Secure this neatly with U-pins.
Spray on a little light-hold hairspray to make the hairdo stay.

4… Messy low bun

messy low bun

5… Wedding twisted updo

You will need a head wrap


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