Greek Jewelry Designer- The Refined Luxury of Bela Louloudaki

Bella Louloudaki square bracelet

I am so glad I met my facebook friend Bela Louloudaki a few days ago. She is a super talented Greek jewelry designer and she invited me to an event called “the fashion room service” at the Y hotel. I loved her collection but my new camera is useless for now because I forgot my charger at Maree’s house in Melbourne and it hasn’t arrived yet. I took some pictures with my iphone and added more images from Bela’s facebook page in an attempt to show you her work. In a mini interview she explained to me how she uses material, colour and pure lines as the essence of the handmade jewels. Her amazing jewelry is contemporary but not eccentric, as it radiates elegance and refined luxury. Bela Louloudaki uses clay immersed in 24K gold, silver or copper and prices range from 35 euro for the rings up to approximately 250 euro for the necklaces.


Bela's  bracelet grey and gold

rings and bracelet

Bela Louloudaki necklace

Bela Louloudaki ring

Bela Louloudaki earrings

Bela Louloudaki

Bela Louloudaki No box bracelet

You can find  here

You can visit Bela’s website here

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