How to get beautiful Instagram photos

Even though Instagram is my favorite social platform, I have started, just recently, to try to find ways to perfect my photos and increase my “likes”.

How to take beautiful Instagram photos
Try to take a photo at a few different angles to find the right shot.
2…Lighting makes all the difference
Lighting, especially natural light, helps produce crisp, clean photos.
3…Visually pleasing feed, means a consistent look
A theme is nothing without a filter.
Using the same filter all the time is the easiest way to start a theme.
4…Color coordinate your photos

5…Always crop the same way

Always crop the same way
7…Editing Apps
Personally, I use Pixelmator or the photo edit in my laptop. However, if you want to try the folowing are the most commonly used apps.

– Afterlight – for tuning the image and adding some brightness to the image
– Snapseed – For editing elements of each photo ans spot brightening
– A Beautiful Mess – For adding text to photos (or creating word only photos)
– VSCO – For fitlers and the monochromatic look that so many fashion bloggers love
– Instagram – I use their adjustment tools

Hope to see you on Instagram @TrendSurvivor

Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

Image: Heleninbetween, Preview

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