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If you’re someone who has been following fashion trends closely, you’d know that fur is back in fashion. After its’ temporary dip in the 1990s, fur has witnessed a comeback with global sales soaring high again. Fashion’s fascination with all things fur is nothing new.  Fur coats, jackets, hats, gloves or collars-fashion is smitten by fur.  


Furs for sale


Think about it and fur is probably the most primitive and spontaneous fashion trend to be set in history. It was, after all, man’s original response to the wintry world. It gave man much more than fashion goals-namely warmth and protection.  Come the 18th century and all of that was about to change. Fur and fur products were no longer merely a way to survive, but to make a statement while doing so. Yes, the humble fur came to denote high end luxury and wealth.   


Yellow fur[br]

However, fur’s niche status too underwent a change with technological advancements in the 20th century that increased the reach of fur among the people by increasing production. Though still associated with luxury and class, its access and availability is much wider wherein it isn’t considered to be the sole reserve or rights of the upper classes to possess or sport a mink fur jacket.

Just to make sure that you have the easiest possible access to everything that you want to wear, brands like ML Furs have put fur jackets for sale online. Started in 1987 out of the owners’ bedroom closest, ML Furs is now one of the best places that you can scroll across to serve all your furry needs. Fur jackets can be one of the most versatile ways to wear fur and ML Furs offers you just as many options as you might possibly look for.


classic style fur[br]

Apart from EM-EL, they also offer jackets from Michael Kors, Zandra Rhodes, Monique L’Huillie, Mary McFadden and others.  Funky, sultry or vibrant- take your pick from the wide variety to turn your perfect look into a reality. ML Furs claims to settle for nothing less than genuine fur and offers full, soft, silky and dense furs, including but not limited to mink.  Sable, beaver, lynx fox and raccoon are some of the other varieties of available fur.

These supremely premium quality fur jackets for sale are also affordable and start from $795. However, if you’re looking for something exquisite, ML Furs can also provide you with that, setting you back by somewhere around $10,000. A slate coloured Horizontal Fur Mink Zip jacket from Michael Kors is one such example. Apart from zip jackets with a high neck, you can also choose from notch collars, wing collars and hoods. When it comes to colours, be spoilt as you scroll between the classic blacks, sophisticated slates, scintillating chinchilla red, luscious plums and the ethereal whites.

The winter of 2018 has already been predicted to be one that is ruled by fur. So there’s no reason to wait or worry. All that you want is waiting to be picked up!

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Photo- Style Du Monde, Collage Nina P

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