Evi Karatza- Plaid Tartan meets Baroque

TrendSurvivor- Evi Karatza 03

In a beautiful setting, on a green, peaceful hill, at the Byzantine Estate (ktima Nasioutzik), Evi Karatza showed her new “Plaid Tartan meets Baroque” collection inside the Meteora Mansion living room.

The former Editor in Chief in L’Officiel Hellas, L’Officiel Homme and L’Officiel Travel welcomed her clientele with cupcakes, canapés and Christmas flavored tea. A really fun, cozy pre- Christmas fashion event.

Using grunge plaid and baroque high shine from the runways as an inspiration…

Paul and Joe, Saint Laurant, Temperley London 2013-2014
Paul and Joe, Saint Laurant, Temperley London 2013-2014

TrendSurvivor- Evi Karatza 06

You can find inspiration on how to wear these shirts in my Clash of the tartans post

TrendSurvivor- Evi Karatza 01

TrendSurvivor- Evi Karatza 00

Evi’s dresses are about 250 euro

TrendSurvivor- Evi Karatza 15

TrendSurvivor- Evi Karatza 05

You can email Evi at evikaratza@gmail.com for an appointment at her atelier.

Balenciaga tote

Tina’s Mavriki handbag is by far my favorite 2013 Balenciaga. You can find Papier A4 tote here  and Papier A5 tote here

TrendSurvivor- Evi Karatza 08

Vanessa Zouganeli is mixing prints in a unique beyond Hedi Slimane inspired way..check her bag and scarf below. (Excuse my blur photo but I really wanted to post her look)

TrendSurvivor- Evi Karatza 10

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