Dress Code- Leather Jacket

Beyonce Isabel Marant Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a hot celebrity street style staple this season. Beyonce looks amazing wearing shorts, a jeans shirt and a peach Isabel Marant leather Jacket. I was enthousiastic the moment I saw, the Etoile Isabel Marant Kady Leather Jacket at Sofos store, in Kolonaki. I couldn’t resist trying it on and seriously considered getting my 3rd black leather biker jacket.

 There has been a bit of debate since the Etoile Isabel Marant Kady hit the boutiques around the world. Some women are singing it’s praises and love the softness of the leather and some feel the structural predecessors are far better. Well, as you can see I tried it on but the sleeves are too short on me but pulled up it looks cool. I love the guilted details and Isabel Marant clothes always have this unbeatable effortless casual chic style, a lot of us are looking for.

Isabel Marant Kady Leather Jacket

I am wearing the Etoile Isabel Marant Kady Leather Jacket
Etoile Isabel Marant Kady Leather Jacket
Sofos, Etoile Isabel Marant Kady Leather Jacket 695.00 euro, Barneys $1,160
Etoile Isabel Marant Kady Leather Jacket back
Etoile Isabel Marant Kady Leather Jacket

You can find  here

Isabel Marant Celebrity leather jacket

You can find here

You can find here

Kate Moss in Isabel Marant black leather jacket

Having seen Kate Moss wearing the black Isabel Marant jacket definitely made me want it more. Have you tried it?

 Have a lovely Day!!!


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