Cool Wedding Ring Trends

With the bevy of cool styles and cutting edge materials used in modern day wedding rings, it is amazing to think that the tradition goes way back to when Neanderthals tied twigs, grass, and rushes around their spouse’s wrist or ankles both as a symbol of friendship and with the hope of a long life. Today, wedding rings are trendier than ever, owing in no small part to the many options for brides- and grooms-to-be. If you’re planning on tying the knot soon, consider adding sartorial flair to the occasion with these hot wedding ring trends.

Cool Wedding Ring TrendsStackable Rings

Modern day brides who are into eclectic, fashionable looks are very much drawn to stackable bands. Stacking rings may seem like a millennial thing but the trend was actually set by Audrey Hepburn, whose husband Mel Ferrer gave her two wedding bands (one in white gold, the other in rose), to wear alongside a stunning diamond encrusted eternity ring. There is no need for your groom to be limited to one ring at the altar though even if you opt for this mode at your actual celebration, you can always wear your full stack at the wedding reception.

Eco Looks

Sustainability and environmental awareness are big priorities for millennials in everything from their choice of travel destination, to their fashion choices and now, even their wedding rings. We’re beginning to see beautiful natural elements in wedding bands. These include ebony, maple, or oak, which are appealing in colour and earthy. Some have colorful patterns of wreaths, flowers, or vines; others can be combined with materials such as Moissanite for a glam look. These rings very much celebrate the importance that nature has in the lives of so many lovers of the Great Outdoors.

Blended Metals

Rose gold is huge at the moment, with top firms from across the globe incorporating rose gold rings into their collections. Combining different tones of gold together is also prominent, both in advertising by top jewellery houses and on social media. ‘Matchy matchy’ enjoyed a slow but final death, as the new millennium brought in an unquestionable freedom in terms of mixing colors and materials in fashion and jewellery. You can use two or more materials on your wedding band, opting for one wide band comprising three separate rows of white, yellow, and rose gold, respectively, or incorporating more than one metal into a finer, bespoke band.

Ring Guards and Artistic Touches

Imagine a band graced with filigree, or ‘ring guards’, which frame the band and protect it against bumps and scratches. Rather than opting for a plain band, think about patterns on metal, the addition of gems or diamonds, or bamboo-shaped bands. Patterns can be nature-inspired or more daring (think geometric, symbolic, or font-based inspirations).

A wedding band is something that many married couples wish to keep on forever. When choosing yours, make sure it is designed in a style that reflects your own, rather than simply fulfilling the role of a wedding band. Consider stacking, natural elements, or engraving/filigree as a way to add art and magic to an otherwise simple and deeply symbolic piece of jewelry.

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