Chanel Private View | Fall Winter 2014/15 Style Notes



Chanel 2014 -15 Private View mini film00

Chanel 2014 -15 Private View mini film00

It’s rainy summer day in this part of the world and I am blogging about Chanel Private View video and taking Fall Winter 2014-2015 style notes instead of swimming… GRRRRR

Only the plants are happy about this weather today…

With all the amazing sale offers going on everywhere- Loving the Nordstrom Anniversary sale….. I say you better shop some classic high quality staples for Fall …. or garments you can wear all year round…

I understand shopping coats in summer isn’t for everyone 🙂

I hope you will enjoy the Chanel private view video as much as I did.

Chanel Private View

Done blogging … Off to some online shopping… Coats and boots

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. I dream of fall and coats all summer so I am the last to complain! Next to shoes coats are honestly my favorite thing to buy! This preview is to die for, now to go back to sleep and dream… Chanel;)

    xx Cara

    1. hahaha So it’s not just me…First, shoes, then coats, then jackets… last thing I shop is swimsuits….

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