Our dinner appointment was at 10:00 o clock in the fashionable neighborhood Kolonaki, at “Ratka”, the best “IT” restaurant in Athens for the past.. hmm 20 years or is it  more?! If you’re looking to see and be seen this is the place to be. I started getting ready late, as usual, and the only thing I knew was, I wanted to wear my Isabel Marant cerise palazzo pants and create an androgynous look for a change. I had seen actress Rachel Bilson working a pair of identical wide pants with classic separates and I was convinced I could recreate her look by finding the right top and jacket in my closet, fast. After trying a white silk blouse that looked too bulky and a white tank top that was nothing special, I found this amazing silk top with silver and gold beads by Pink Soda. Looking through my black jackets, the tuxedo jacket by Dundup was just the right length and style. After changing three pair of black shoes, these Miu Miu pumps are like trendy slippers with stiletto heels. Ready!

cerise outfit

Rachel Bilson  Trendsurvivor collage

Rachel Bilson (left) Trendsurvivor (right)

Ratka is the best bistro- restaurant in Athens since 1978, serving amazing international, eclectic dishes to the Athenian high society…( hmm so it’s 34 years). Established by Ratka, an extremely intelligent lady from Bulgaria. It has run a course that practically no other establishment has matched. My favorite dishes are avocado with red caviar, crab salad, green salad with nuts, fillet on the stone and fresh fish cooked inside a banana leaf. Oh! and the sweets! Don’t miss the strawberry and mocha cakes.

trademark wall decoration inside Ratka

Ratka- Kolonaki
32, Haritos Street
tel: 210- 729 0746

Note: Call way ahead to make a reservation.

Isabel  Marant Cerise Palazzo pants and tux jacket

I was wearing;

Jacket Tuxedo Dundup you can find similar here and  here

Top Silk Pink Soda similar here

Pants Red Cerise Isabel Marant similar here and here

Shoes Miu Miu you can find very similar here

Bag Prada

Watch Rolex- Rings Stefan Hafner and Alibi

Photos AF

Have a lovely Day!!!



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