Best India day dress code

Traveling to India any time soon? It’s important to realize that many of the clothes that we wear at home are not perfect in India.

While it’s absolutely fine to wear Western clothes, it’s essential to wear them in a manner that is respectful to the very modest Indian culture.

Basic standards of modesty all over India require that you cover your knees, upper arms, shoulders, cleavage and midriff. It’s acceptable for your midriff to be exposed when wearing a sari, but not otherwise.

However, the truth is that traditional Indian clothes are much more comfortable than Western clothes, especially in the heat.


Trendsurvivor Perverse sunglasses


If you’d like to try Indian clothes, you’ll probably want to start with one of the two basic varieties of ladies’ pantsuits: the salwar-kameez (a.k.a. Punjabi suit), which consists of a long tunic top (kameez) over baggy pants (salwar) which are banded at the bottom, or the churidhar-kameez, which has the kameez over skinny straight pants (churidhar) that are worn bunched around the calf and ankle. In the stylish boutiques in New Delhi you can find beautiful designs.

Incidentally, churidhars are mainly worn by young women and teens, and not so much by older women in most places. A scarf draped across the front completes the outfit; the scarf (chunni or dupatta) is an essential part of the ensemble, without which you may be regarded as an immoral woman, especially in small towns and villages.


City Palace udaipur, Trendsurvivor Nina Papaioannou[br]

I got mine Indian modernized ensemble from the Palace Atelier, a museum shop owned by the royal family of Jaipur.


Royal Atelier jaipur

Palace Atelier Jaipur


Every time we visit India we love wearing traditional Indian inspired clothes because they are not only comfortable but also very stylish.

However, in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, girls are wearing bodycon dresses at night and clothes they get abroad from Urban Outfitters or even Indian designers that are not at all conventional.

With H&M , Zara and more other global stores opening, the India day dress code is changing and evolving.

You will, also, find loads of unique fashion designers my favorite Sunita Shanker.

Packing skinny pants and tunics is ideal for day and kaftan dresses for night.


Perverse sunnies cat eye[br]

Sunglasses cat-eye Perverse similar here and Gigi Hadid design here

Dress, pants and scarf Royal Atelier Jaipur

scarf SOMA

gold necklace traditional from New Dehli

Bracelet Amrapali from Aashka in Udaipur





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