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A chic lifestyle blog to elevate your everyday life, keep up with the latest fashion, beauty and home decor trends and enhance your everyday looks with our outfit ideas and expert shopping advice for every age

Elevate your Everyday Style with our Inspiring Stories and Expert Shopping Advice

Trend Survivor is a stylish lifestyle blog about wearable fashion trends, styling advice, luxury and chic affordable shopping tips, inspiring 40+ (Nina Mom) and 20+ (Niki daughter) personal style, beauty secrets, minimal home decor ideas and eclectic travel tips.

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Why is your style site called TrendSurvivor?

In my 40+ years I have seen many styles come and go, and through it all I feel I am Trend Survivor !.

What is TrendSurvivor about?

Trend Survivor is a lifestyle blog about wearable trends, stylish shopping, inspiring 40+ (mom Nina) and 20+ (daughter Niki) personal style, beauty secrets, minimal home decor ideas and eclectic travel tips.

How did you start your blog?

One day in 2010 I jumped on the fashion blogger wagon. It was full of young creative fashionable girls. I immediately felt part of this even though I belong in a different generation. Which actually makes it even more exciting!!! I never stopped posting since.

Why do you do it?

I want real 40+ women to have a voice too. Besides I believe Trend Survivor style is for sophisticated girls of every age.

It makes me happy to inspire and help my readers dress in stylish trendy way.

I love shopping and sharing my finds.

However, I love to show you how to maximize the contents of your closet, too.

Are your outfits post age appropriate?

I don’t believe in age appropriate dressing in the strict sense. I copy my daughter’s 20+ style and she copies my 40+ style.

It’s more about wearing what suits you and makes you feel comfortable and confident. As for what is chic and stylish… stick with us and you will know…

What size are you?

I am 1.75 cm and I wear size medium, (USA 6-8, UK 12, Italian 44) and my shoe size is 40.

How do you maintain my figure?

Generally I eat healthy. I avoid fattening food all together, no fats, no pasta, no sweets, with the exception of ice cream. I don’t exercise as much as I should … I will get there too.

What advice would you give to someone who starts a blog?

It takes a lot of effort and you have to be dedicated. Try to find your own voice, share unique high quality content and the readers will follow. I know it sound cliche but it’s true.

Is blogging a full time job?

I work on the blog everyday, usually 6-7 days a week. I do make some profit from affiliate links and sponsored post but I do it … for LOVE!

How can I contact you?

Nina Papaioannou- The short story

I love fashion, travel and style. I don’t believe in age appropriate dressing in the strict sense. I am a 40 something lifestyle blogger living in Athens, La Jolla, CA and London. I focus on writing inspiring posts about fashion trends, shopping, beauty, travel and personal style.

I say if it suits you and feels good then wear it with confidence and a big smile.

Nina Papaioannou- The long story

As long, as I can remember, I have been giving advice on fashion, styling, beauty and decoration. I studied management and organizational behavior at Deree College and got my MBA in Marketing at Aston University in UK, which apparently makes me no fashion expert, however, combined with my devotion to fashion it gave a practical viewpoint that seemed useful to my friends and family.

I love  new trends, traveling and shopping! I enjoy keeping constantly informed on everything regarding the fashion industry and I always go shopping when I travel. Every season it’s a fresh start  for me!  I spot the trends in order to  review my  clothes, my  look and my style. It is an inspiring fun game that boosts my confidence!  New outfits make me feel attractive and renewed. It seems breeze of positive energy running right through me.

And it’s not all about buying the expensive “it” items of every season. Its more about mixing new clothes and accessories  with what I already have in my closet. It’s  about shopping wisely and combining clothes with a new twist. It’s knowing what and where to shop in order to get the best price. It’s about buying a lot of items on sale and making the extra effort to spot them. And sure at the end, it’s a about feeling  you made the right choice for the occasion, your personality, your figure and making it all look expensive and fresh!

Regarding my career, I have been an entrepreneur all my life constantly trying something new. I earned my first money in 6th  grade selling cute trendy bags which I was knitting  for fun. They became so popular and I had to work so hard that it was no fun anymore.

In my twenties, starting a mail order company with one of my best friends proved successful. We made some serious money back then but having kids and getting divorced all more or less at the same time didn’t help business expansion. By the way she is a successful food blogger at Pandespani.com…

Although, my most challenging job was being in my father’s Fiat car importing company and my most creative job was having a business designing upscale artistic candles, my favorite, most fun, job was being a journalist, writing the social column and interviews in addition to home decoration. I worked in real estate which was not a blooming market a few years ago, in any place of the world except, maybe, India.

Albert Einstein wrote “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ” so here I am ready for my new project.

My goal is to combine the knowledge I gained from all my career adventures with my love for fashion and shopping. Create a website that will reflect my choices along with a simplified practical view on fashion trends, smart shopping and dressing up because believe me I know that for some of you all this… is rocket science!!! The massive supply of information can be confusing instead of inspiring.

So, get ready! Wear your new styled outfit with a great big smile and enjoy life!

Not used…

  • My mother  reminded me recently , that in a fancy restaurant in France I made my first business agreement with my father, not to eat the expensive desert on the Michelin star menu but instead get the money to go shopping… again! ( No Louboutins and Manolos back then, Stan Smith and were my favorite shoes)
  • I can’t imagine going on a trip and not checking out all the shops. I was in California recently and I know what they have on every shelf from Nordstrom to Neiman’s even though they keep moving things around.
  • When I was in high school, I was replacing my father’s secretary, Luciana,  during her summer vacation just to have more disposable income for my favorite hobby… shopping.