7 stylish ways to tie a scarf like Kate Moss

Style icon Kate Moss shows her seven stylish ways to tie a scarf all seasons for ultra-chic looks.

Sleek silk long shawls, cozy cashmere wraps, beach-ready pareos—all of these scarf shapes can be tied countless ways to add visual interest to her outfits.

Even though the supermodel’s style continuously evolves there are a few staples she always has in her wardrobe. Moss has always utilized scarves in many ways. Sometimes for adding some color, or pattern to a plain total black look.

The skillful addition of accessories is key to a stylish girl’s outfits. I loved how Kate Moss upgraded an all-black ensemble with a piece from the Coach 1941 Disney collaboration.

Moss gets even more creative, tying longer scarves loosely around her neck, knotting tiny kerchiefs, and even adding a pop of color to her bags, courtesy of fabric twisted around the handle.


How to tie a scarf like Kate Moss


7 ways to tie a scarf like kate moss




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Images – Vogue


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