5 ways to wear a silk headscarf

I am rearranging my closet and I just discovered I have tons of headscarfs. I get excited with the beautiful prints and buy them, impulsively, but then, I do not wear them that much.

Here are 5 new ways of wearing a headscarf you probably haven’t thought about.


1…Strapless Top

With just a few folds and twists, create a fun and sensual top to pair with wide leg pants.

2…. Bracelet

You need a smaller size headscarf.

3… Headband with a twist


Wear your scarf as a headband and twist the ends with your ponytail.

4… Chocker necklace


Wear your headscarf as a chocker necklace with a v-neck sweater for a sophisticated casual look.

5…The classic way 

Wear your scarf the classic way. Perfect for bad hair days.

Silk bandana // Square print scarf // green color silk scarf





Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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