5 Fashion Risks You Should Take this Summer

Do you ever dress out of your comfort zone and take some Fashion Risks? Or do you keep on buying similar garments and your closet looks as if all your clothes are the same? If no, I am the complete opposite. My closet looks as if it belongs to four different people. I like to experiment with my outfits and I suggest this summer you take some fashion risks, too. I can just hear Nathalie (Van Gilder) telling me… I know my style, I know what suits me and I am not willing to change. Well. it is not about changing your style completely, it is about adding a twist and feeling refreshed. So here is my list of 5 scary trends you should try this summer.

1. Wear boots with a Summer Dress

You don’t have to wear your boots with a mini dress it could be a long floral dress or a boho chic skirt with a t-shirt.

wearing-isabel-marant-caleen-boots-Fashion Risks

Isabel Marant Caleen Boots you can find also here


2. Wear a Tailored Jacket with Shorts

Wearing shorts and bermudas is so trendy this summer. Matching them with a tailored jacket gives a polished sophisticated touch to your look.


Tory Burch’s leather Justine Short, Hermès blazer, Jamison tank, Patricia Von Muslin and Aurelie Bidermann cuffs and a Cartier ring.

3. Layer on the jewelry

Stacking jewelry looks so trendy. If layering friendship bracelets is in your comfort zone, go a step further and  start layer necklaces. You don’t have to go as far as Lanvin in his 2013-1014 collection but you get the concept.

Lanvin layeing necklaces-Fashion Risks

layering necklaces

4. Wear a total bold color suit

Suits are a big hit this season but wearing a blue or black pants suit is not exciting. Try a bold color. I would love to wear red just because bright blue would be so me.

red pants suit

5. Mix Prints

Still scared of this trend? You have to try it this summer, even if it’s just matching a stripped pair of slippers with a geometrical print dress.

Mixing prints Atlantic pacific

Atlantic Pacific

Tell me what do you think. Will try something new to.. you?

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Nina, I’d love to try all these risks since I also like them! The tailored blazer with shorts is so stylish! Kisses dear, have a great week! xo

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