Young Designer Christina Economou- Irrelevant Prints

Christina Economou, Young Designer Christina Economou- Irrelevant Prints

Irrelevant Prints by super talented young designer Christina Economou is a collection that impressed me the moment I saw it on youtube a few days ago.

You know I am obsessed with mixing prints and this video is a Clash of the Patterns…Gigantic geometric prints worn against romantic florals and black and white prints.

I was with Christina’s parents in Paros when the IFB Project #101: “Write about a brand you want to work with” was announced and I realized that it would be extremely exciting to work with brands that are just starting.

I am exchanging emails with a super stylish high end online store and of course, I will be thrilled to work with them but I would love to work with young designers, too.

A breath of fresh air I am sure!

Young Designer Christina Economou- Irrelevant Prints

Young Designer Christina Economou- Irrelevant Prints

“Christina Economou is a Greek designer, based in Paris, France. Before her graduation in June 2011, Christina participated in London Graduate Fashion Week and won the International Award. She has not yet launched her personal line but is working for other established designers to gain knowledge on how a company works. “

Christina Economou

“The inspiration of this collection is the prints themselves and how completely irrelevant and different, yet powerful, these prints could easily stand alone. It gives an even more interesting effect when put together. ” says Christina Economou wearing black and white.

You can find Christina Economou –

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of mixing patterns myself and also find her collection extremely fun, unique yet wearable. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

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