What’s inside Vogue magazine editors designer purses?

Rebecca Caratti, Style Editor purse Chanel Boyl
Rebecca Caratti, Style Editor Chanel Boy Handbag

In the fashion industry magazine editors have the most amazing stylish designer purses and you can see them in Tommy Ton’s fashion week photographs. However, don’t you wonder what is inside? One of my favorite articles in Vogue Australia‘s website was a post called “what’s inside your handbag-Editors’ MBFWA essentials” that showed what is inside those expensive designer purses. How could I resist posting this article which also shows the fashion editors favorite handbags…

Rebecca Caratti, Style Editor Vogue Australia


Inside Rebecca’s Chanel boy bag are a pair of black sunglasses, an iPhone, a M.A.C blotting papers are a beauty must have for fresh skin and Visine Revive to keep her looking awake. The above picture is from her closet…OMG her bags…I love the red PS11 too.

Christine Centenera, Senior Fashion Editor Vogue


Christine Centenera, Senior Fashion Editor -  designer purses

In the contents of her bag are my new Celine sunglasses, an IPhone and Bach Rescue Pastilles.

Edwina McCann, Editor-in-Chief

Edwina McCann, Editor-in-Chief

Edwina McCann purse

Inside her Hermes she caries vitamins an iPhone and an iPad

Sigourney Cantelo, Beauty and Health Director

Sigourney Cantelo, Beauty and Health Director

Sigourney Cantelo, Beauty and Health Director

She records interviews on her iPhone and her necessary beauty products include a red lipstick.

Genevra Leek, Fashion Features Editor


Genevra Leek, Fashion Features Editor purse

She explains that” my diary doubles as a notebook, my phone as a voice recorder for interviews on the fly, and I always carry a special pair of earrings that I pop on for evening events” Personally, I love those Tom Ford sunglasses.

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