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closet room shoes

At last my mega project the room-closet is ready and I took my first pictures. I have created a spacious walk in closet by turning a bedroom into a wardrobe and office. I arranged my clothes and shoes in dark brown wooden bookcases and in the middle I have a glass desk with my laptop, a big screen, an orchid and two leather chairs. So, I am actually blogging from inside my closet. I keep what I wear every day and this season’s shoes in the small walk in closet next to my bedroom and the rest of my treasures are in my new blogger’s home office. Most of my clothes are quality items I have had for years. Just so you know, when I blog in front of me I see all my favorite shoes! I am wondering will this help me write more inspiring post??

closet office

bookcase with shoes

DIY Project- The Closet Blogging Office

I designed my made-to-measure closet I’ve always wanted using the following items from IKEA:

1. Billy bookcase to create a storage solution. I bought more adjustable shelves and decorated them with shoes and books about fashion and blogging.

2. Two Expedit square shelving units which I placed one on top of the other.

3. Malm drawer dresser.

4. Prop up and hanging garment racks where I hang leather jackets and handbags.

5. A glass table from Habitat

jackets Prada

Leather jackets andbags



blogger closet room

And as Carine Roitfeld said:

“I am not part of the ‘throw-away’ FASHION generation. I have a RESPECT for quality. I like things that get better as they AGE”

Stay tuned for more pictures of my cupboards…

Have a lovely Day!!!


  1. wonderful space! I love the idea of having this type of blogging space. I can how visually motivating this space could be – love it 😉

  2. this is so great Nina! love your shoes…!
    hope u have enough space for all your clothes,shoes and accessories
    …because this is my problem… the space is never enough (!!!)

  3. I want the bird’s eye view please as well as close-ups. Great to see everything or rather some of it. Want to see everything!!!xx

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