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Wedding guest style attire guidelines dos don'ts dressing

Wedding guest style dos and don’ts

Wedding guest style rules you need to know right now. Check out a straightforward list of style dos and don’ts that will guide you through wedding season.

As invitations are beginning to roll in, if you are anything like me, you are eagerly planning your outfits.

As wedding season part two (June was part one) is officially upon us, the style/ fashion dilemmas begin. Dressing for a wedding can be tricky. So here are the wedding guest attire guidelines.

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Wedding guest style dos and don’ts


Important rule : Regardless of the dress code don’t dress too casually.

Do wear a romantic style dress

When you are choosing a dress for a wedding remember a wedding is a celebration of love.  Keep this in mind when you are deciding what to wear.

Think of a pastel chiffon maxi dress like this one.

Think floral prints, ruffles, and lace. 

Don’t wear edgy, too sexy and overly revealing fashion-forward ensembles.

Do wear comfortable stylish evening shoes

Sounds like an oxymoron but with so many chic 8 cm heel sandals and pumps in the market there are options My favorite wedding shoes are the Aquazzura Linda mirror sandals. Also, you can pack a pair of ballet pumps or summer sandals in your bag to change into later on in the evening.

Do wear a sleek and sophisticated midi or maxi dress.

Opt for beautiful hues.

Don’t wear black?

Even if you have the perfect festive black dress to wear, try to avoid black. This rule is especially relevant for warm weather weddings when guests should embrace the celebratory vibe of the day and opt for bold colours and prints.

However,  according to the author Kimberly Schlegel Whitman of the best selling book Wedding Workbook, The: A Time Saving Guide for the Busy Bride,

“As long as a black dress feels festive, it’s fine for a wedding!”

Do wear statement accessories

Weddings are a great excuse for treating yourself to a fancy new dress, but avoid going too overboard. You can shop versatile dresses and update them for each wedding by wearing a different bag, shoes and jewellery.

Don’t wear white!

Not even off white, but you already know this… No guest should steal the attention away from the bride.

Have a lovely Day!!!

Image- Kendall Jenner Instagram

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