How To Wear Statement Earrings with Style?

Check out the most important rules on how to wear statement earring with style. With a few pair of new statement earrings from my recent trip to India ready to take center stage  I am working on the 7 rules for wearing bold earrings in order to strike the right balance.

With the right accessories you can bring any outfit to the next level. A really striking attention-grabbing piece of statement jewelry can transform a plain outfit into something special. Particularly large earrings might be the only accessory you need with a plain dress or a white t-shirt and jeans.

Jewelry is the perfect way to bring life to an outfit and enhance your best features but can make all the wrong statements if they are not worn correctly.


Dree Hemingway w Celine statement earrings for Vogue

Dree Hemingway


1..  Less is More

Bold pieces should be allowed to stand out, so do not over-crowd your look! If you are wearing a statement earrings wear a plain necklace.



Katie Holms


2.. Keep your distances

Avoid wearing statement pieces of jewelry within close proximity of each other. However, a pair of chandelier earrings and a big cuff bracelet can look beautiful when worn together!


Emma-Stone-diamond-Repossi-ear cuffs multiple earrings

Emma Stone


3.. Layer with attention to detail

Layer your earrings like your necklaces. Multiple earrings can look extremely charming if worn correctly. Match items wisely.

Coco Chanel’s more-is-more approach to necklace stacking still makes a fashion statement today and can be applied to earrings. If you have pierced ears with three holes like me, you can find a big selection of pretty .925 sterling silver earrings with cubic zirconia at I am loving these sterling silver with cubic zirconia abstract butterfly earrings and these princess cut loops.

Did you know the oldest mummy ever found has holes in the ears, very similar to those used nowadays for earrings?


Chiara Ferragni earrings

Chiara Ferragni


4.. Stick to monochrome and neutrals

Try to stick to neutral and monochrome color clothes when wearing bright and detailed accessories.


Salvatore-ferragamo 2016 Spring Jewelry

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2016


5.. Frame your face

Choose carefully a pair of beautiful earrings that suits your face shape and enhances your features. They will be the first thing that anyone talking to you will notice!


How To Wear Statement Earrings with Style?Hair updo


6.. Balance, balance balance

Style is about balance. It’s better to keep your hair sleek and not too big. Try pull your hair up into a chic chignon or a cool updo.


Olivia Palermo How To Wear Statement Earrings with Style? Hair chignon

Olivia Palermo


7.. Make the item pop

The last rule on how to wear statement earrings with style and transform an LBD to jeans into a polished and sophisticated look with just a pair of earrings is make them pop. The key?

Pick your statement earrings and let them do all the talking.


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Have a lovely Day!!!

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