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How to wear a puffer jacket? - TrendSurvivor

How to wear a puffer jacket?

How to look stylish in a puffer jacket this winter? Do you find it hard to pull of a puffer jacket?

I was wearing them in the 90’s so they are in my comfort zone. However, I love how they came back in all those fun colors. Thanks to Balenciaga last year you can find beautiful ones for under $100!

You could choose the color you love and light up those gloomy cold days!

Boyfriend Jeans + block heel ankle boots + red jacket = Day time chic

red puffer jacket

One of my favorite padded jackets with a hood is by H&M and it comes in four colors.

Straight leg pants + ankle boots + black turtleneck + jacket = everyday trendy

puffer jacket

Turtleneck + skirt + jacket = Day time casual glam

pink puffer jacket

Love the muted pink puffer jacket. Contrast it with black for a stylish winter vibe.

Padded jacket


BALENCIAGA quilted shell down jacket

here and in red here

In case you suddenly really need a puffer coat….

Colorful Puffer jackets under $120


Dawn feather puffer jacket H&M // Red buffer jacket // Khaki green padded

Grey with pockets // Fuchsia jacket Asos


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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