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How to wear loafers this Fall ?! - TrendSurvivor

How to wear loafers this Fall ?!

Try out these fresh stylish outfits with loafers.

Weather you opt for a texture pair of loafers with a coat to match or animal-print ones with simple neutrals, loafers are the go to flats for this fall.

For a classic fresh look, wear a stylish pantsuit with a classic pair of loafers.

pants suit moccasins

Blue shirt Mango // Plaid suit Mango // Gucci Prixton loafers

Go for textured loafers with a fur coat and boyfriend jeans

fur loafers

Re-done jeans //  Mulberry shoulder stripped  bag // Faux fur H and M // Olly Chloe loafers

Find your balance between animal-print pieces and simple neutrals.


Topshop sweater // Sam Edelman Loraine animal print loafers // Saint Laurent shopping bag  // Amur Iria silk pants

For a fashion-forward look, wear a long feminine dress with moccasin shoes.

dress loafers

Similar black dress Asos // Dorateumur loafers // Alexander Wang mini bucket bag


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