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How to wear a silk robe coat in a stylish way street style outfit ideas

How to wear a silk robe coat? 9 best street style ideas

This is the next huge street style trend you will see everywhere! Street style stars have elevated their everyday outfits by wearing embroidered or printed silk robe coats.

Are you looking for a super stylish summer / fall cover-up? A silk robe coat is the new luxurious way to go.

The loungewear-inspired outfit idea works even if you are just wearing a simple white t-shirt and your favorite jeans.

Wear a silk robe coat to add a chic sophisticated note to your outfit from down to dusk.

Also, you could try them with a body-con dress, if you want to add a practical twist to your outfit.

Be inspired by the 9 best stylish street style outfit ideas on how to wear a robe coat.

Silk Robe Coat Street Style

Enjoy 9 ways to wear a silk robe coat and kimono-inspired long jackets for a genuine fresh look.

See how this works.

Black tank top + flare jeans

Giorgia-Tordini maxi robe dress over jeans

The Attico designer, Giorgia Tordini, proves that silk kimono bathrobes are best worn out of bed.

Wear a robe dress like a long jacket over your jeans with a black tank top.

White t-shirt + cropped high waist jeans

Gilda-Ambrosio silk robe over jeans with flats

Wear a long robe  over a white t-shirt and a pair of classic cropped high waist jeans.

Looks like Attico designers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini’s mission is to “bring robes out to the street.”

Black t-shirt + cropped flare jeans

silk robe coat white with stars

Attico’s ‘Cher’ jacket is “inspired by classic peignoir but designed to be flaunted.” Cut from crepe, this style has a high front split, shoulder cutouts and a whimsical star motif embellished by hand with sparkling crystals and beads. Layer it over jeans or a tonal slip dress.

or go for a reasonably priced TopShop robe here

Kimono Style Robes

Re-done jeans + white t-shirt

silk robe coat over jeans

Loving this classic embroidered robe over reworked jeans.

Athletic black pants + grey t-shirt

silk robe coat street style ideas

A floral print robe works with vans sneakers too.

Denim skirt + sweater

silk embroidery robe over jeans

Susie Bubble is wearing an amazing vintage embroidered kimono over her denim skirt.

Cut off shorts + t-shirt

long robe coat over shorts

Love this summer vacation outfit. The new way to elevate cut-off shorts.

Mini bodycon dress + silk robe coat

printed robe coat over bodycon dress

Wear a a floral print silk kimono robe coat over a mini black dress.

Distressed skinny jeans + lace-up heels

kimono style robe over distressed jeans

Who said skinny distressed jeans are out of style? Have you thought of adding a kimono?  I think I need a trip to Japan!

Even though I got something similar from India

Stay tuned outfit post coming up next.


Have a lovely Day!!!

Images- Elle Spain, Buro, Le Fashion

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