Ways to spice up every outfit


Sometimes an outfit just needs one little extra something to turn into an absolute eye-catcher. No matter if it’s accessories like earrings, bracelets or watches which can be ordered on Chrono24 website or well-applied make-up: Paying attention to detail and caring about every aspect of your outfit really makes the difference between a good-looking and a great-looking style.

1. The aspect of COLOR

Orange bag Stella McCartney

Also, the aspect of color shouldn’t be underestimated since colors tell a lot about one’s personality and mood. Of course, the choice of color also depends on the time of year, since the fashion for fall and winter generally incorporates mainly dark colors. New fashion trends for the cold season, however, include the attempt of spicing up the cold and dark weather and the general pensive mood with bright colors. Especially red and orange are amongst the most favorite colors used by designers this season.

2. WATCHES – great accessories

Patek-Philippe-Watch- Diamonds
Patek Philippe


The great thing about accessories isn’t only the fact that they look great but also that they fit with nearly every style and outfit. For example, you can wear a watch of the new Patek Philippe collection along with any style and will always cut a good figure. Besides their good looks, watches also serve a very practical purpose by displaying the time. You just need to have a quick glance at your wrist to see what time it is. And isn’t that much more handy than having to poke for your cellphone in your handbag? You bet it is!

Chrono 24 watches-outfit gold-



You can find here

Gold rolex watch, ring

An important hint concerning accessories has to be mentioned here, too: Try not to succumb to the urge to wear as many pieces as possible at the same time because they all look so beautiful. Instead, try to limit yourself to three to four pieces. This way, you won’t look glutted and people won’t be overburdened in terms of where and what to look at first.

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    1. Thank you Sonia. I especially love it when the dangling and clunking starts with an amazing watch!

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