Ways to Get a Fresh New Look Ahead Of Christmas

October has arrived so it’s time to think ahead to your Christmas parties both at work and with your friends and family. There are many things to think about at this time of year from presents and what you’re going to cook, but why don’t you take the time to consider yourself for a change?

Get yourself looking and feeling great for those festive gatherings by treating yourself to a number of pampering sessions. I decided to do this last year and I felt so much better in myself that I ended up enjoying Christmas more than any other previous year. People complimented me on my skin, and I felt that my hair finally looked full of life. So if you want to do something similar this year, here are a couple of things you could look at doing…

Best 2014 hairstyles

Highlights, cut and style

I always feel better after a visit to the hairdresser, so now is the perfect time to go for a consultation ahead of the Christmas period. A party is an excellent time to show off a fresh new look, so ask your colourist about the shades that would complement your features to a tee. It might be a good idea to flick through a hair magazine and my post best Hollywood star hair first to see if anything captures your attention, then ask your stylist if the cut would suit your own face shape and features.


Skin treatments

You might also want to give your skin a bit of rejuvenation. There are a number of ways to do this from new creams to checking out the companies who do microdermabrasion in Auckland. You’ll want to find something that suits your skin type and age, so you might be looking for a quick fix or even a surgical solution. Do a bit of research to see what’s available in your area and make sure to book soon so you’re ready for Christmas.


Manicure and pedicure

Once you have your hair and face looking picture perfect, you could also think about getting your nails done. This makes a brilliant girly day out so grab your closest pals and head to the beauty parlour. This season, gel shellac nails are popular as they last longer than normal polishes. You could go for a traditional French manicure, or even pick something bold in a glossy red for a festive twist.

shoe shopping

Of course, it’s great to complete your look with a few new pieces for your wardrobe. Book an appointment with a personal shopper so you’ll end up with wardrobe essentials you’re proud of. I like to buy four practical things and one treat; you won’t wear it all the time but when you do it will make you happy! Again, this is a fun activity to do with your friends, rather than dragging around your reluctant partner. If you are going with your other half, make sure they have plenty of other shops to keep them amused whilst you stare at racks of shirts.

Images- Vogue.fr, Vogue Nippon,

Have a lovely Day!!!


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    1. Amazing huh…the image is from Vogue Japan but you can recreate the look by wearing one on each finger.

  1. I totally gave myself a new hairstyle this season. Something about the weather, maybe?

    (I’m currently running a giveaway for some gorgeous jewelry, if you’re interested.)

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