Beach Wear- Skopelos Washed Cliffs and Washed Cotton Dress

Skopelos Beach Isabel Marant dress Miu Miu shoes

Every morning during our stay in Skopelos we where driving to Kastani. My father took the pictures for my first outfit post  Skopelos-Summer whites Port View capturing the amazing view of the Skopelos port and the beautiful traditional houses. Well, he took the pictures of this outfit post too. The washed cliffs of the Kastani beach where the perfect backdrop for my summer Isabel Marant washed cotton burgundy dress I wore as a cover up. The Miu Miu fluorescent pink sandals have been traveling with me all summer you can see  them here

Skopelos Beach Kastani sea

Skopelos Beach Miu Miu Sandals



Skopelos Beach Beach legs

Beach Skopelos Beach shadow


Skopelos Beach Kastani Beach Isabel Marant Dress

Dress Isabel Marant

Sunglasses Miu Miu

Shoes Miu Miu

 Have a lovely Month!!!



    1. Thank you for your comment Phuong!! They are even prettier in reality! 🙂

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