Want To Have Amazing Skin? Try This New Korean Beauty Trend

Korean skincare regimes have, in recent years, become all the rage in the US.  With the South Korean beauty industry and products becoming recognized as something powerful and different, rapid growth is anticipated at a rate of 0.7% annually in the US market as shown by Statista.  The Korean government supports its export only companies by providing a total tax break.  Beauty products have become one of Korea’s largest exports in recent years and especially to the US.    Developed by Korean women who have been using many products and steps in their daily skincare routines (eg double cleansing, serums etc) with beautiful results.

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Steps to ‘glass skin’

By following the Korean skincare routine amazing results can be achieved, in particular, the beautiful ‘glass type’ appearance of the skin.  Korean women follow a strict and holistic beauty routine which, in addition to skincare, includes a fixed bedtime allowing for plenty of sleep and a nutritious healthy diet plentiful in soy, fish and antioxidant-rich green tea.  The traditional skincare routine of Korea involves a full 18 steps to be carried out daily.  This may sound quite daunting to someone who gets by with a quick wash and a smear of moisturizer, but looking at the Korean women with their ‘glass skin’ complexions it is clear they know a thing or two about skin.  If you suffer from any slightly more serious skin complaints such as age spots, eczema, acne etc you should make an appointment with a dermatology specialist who will advise you of suitable treatments to resolve the issue.  Once your issue is resolved you can consider commencing a Korean skincare routine.

8 steps – Morning routine

The 18 skincare steps are divided, with 8 taking place in the morning and 10 at night.

The morning routine starts with washing with water alone which removes excess oil and other impurities accumulated while sleeping.  This is followed by toner which helps overcome dryness and prepares the skin to absorb the products used in the following steps.  The third step is to use essence which is like a mix of toner and serum, it improves cellular turnover to encourage then renewal of the skin.  Step 4 is an ampoule, similar to a serum, but is more aimed at specific skin issues where the skin is in need of extra assistance.

Following this, serum is used, being a concentrated treatment containing active ingredients for a number of concerns e.g. dark spots or wrinkles.  Step 6 is eye cream which prevents crow’s feet especially as the skin under the eyes is thin and prone to dryness.  Finally (steps 7 and 8) a moisturizer is applied for hydration followed by sunscreen, regardless of the weather, as regular use prevents aging and pigmented dark spots.

10 steps – Evening routine

Following the 8 steps of the morning routine, the evening is made up of 10 steps.  There is more emphasis on cleansing compared to the morning regime.  First, an oil-based cleanser is used as this lifts oil based makeup and dirt from the face.  Step 2 is the second stage of double cleansing using a water-based cleanser which gently removes the oil residue and general impurities.  This is followed by exfoliation which removes any build up of dead skin cells which can cause a dull appearance.  Step 4 is Toner to balance the pH of the skin surface.  This is followed by Essence, Ampoule and then Serum, in a similar fashion to the morning routine.  Step 8 is a sheet mask which is a well-known Korean product consisting of a cloth saturated with beneficial, hydrating ingredients.  Step 9 is eye cream and finally, moisturizer is used which hydrates and locks in all the previous ingredients used.

Glass skin within your reach

It might feel like quite a bit of work with a lot of steps to be carried out every single day.  Don’t be put off by this, once you are in the habit of following these steps you’ll soon develop a speed to the process. Keep in mind that there is no need to use too much product.  It is much better to use a smaller quantity and complete the routine efficiently.  After a few weeks, your skin will appear amazing with no visible pores and a glass-like sheen.

Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

Photo- Chriselle Lim

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