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Sithonia is one of the three-pronged peninsulas of Halkidiki in northern Greece, famed for its rugged, untamed landscape and attractive coastline. A stretch of tiny fishing villages and deserted beach coves, the Sithonia coast is awash with blues and greens, with the warm, gentle waters of the Aegean Sea in one direction and a slope of rugged mountains and forests in the other. Halkidiki records higher average rainfall than the Greek islands, which gives it the distinctive lush, green landscapes that set it apart and make it a worthwhile destination to get away from it all on cheap package holidays from the usual destinations in Greece.

Halkidiki, sea view

Halkidiki, yachts

Sithonia is the perfect destination for travellers looking to get a cheap package holiday
and spend a week in Greece that’s free from the frantic bustle of some of the more tourist concentrated hotspots. Whether it’s a beach holiday, a ramble in the mountains, or a brush with ancient Greek culture, Sithonia offers an abundance of leisurely distractions.



The village of Parthenonas, nestled 300m high in the Sithonia hills, is a beautifully preserved historic town with ancient roots. Follow the hiking trail from the town of Neos Marmaras and stop for lunch before heading back – the trip takes around four hours. There are also great walking trails around the beach town of Toroni, while the Porto Carras coastal walk takes in around five miles of unspoilt, mostly isolated beaches – a great option for a sunset excursion.

Halkidiki Pool View

Halkidiki specialty shrimps

The mountainous landscape of Sithonia means the area has become an increasingly popular destination for mountain biking holidays, as well as other sports including golf and diving. The area is also a big draw for campers, with many making the trip just for the opportunity to pitch a tent on one of the beach campsites, to wake to the waft of pine trees and the gentle lapping of the sea.

Kelyfor Island

A visit to Sithonia wouldn’t be complete without a trip to see Mount Athos. A monastic republic built into the mountain, it’s unfortunately out of bounds for female visitors. It does, however, make a wonderful boat trip, and the scenery around the Athos peninsula is spectacular. A cruise from the harbour town of Ormos Panagias takes around 2.5 hours – there’s even a replica pirate ship if you have the sea legs for the journey.


George Papaioannou and Io Michailidou
George Papaioannou and Io Michailidou

All the pictures are taken by my cousins George Papaioannou and Io Michailidou. They send me the images with the following message ” as we speak Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro and John Travolta are in Halkidiki”. Stay tuned because their wedding is in two weeks and I will be flying there.

 Have a lovely Day!!!



  1. looks beautiful – I am sure the wedding will be stunning – look forward to seeing your trip there.

    I am trying to book a holiday to Greece but struggling to find somewhere great to stay as I can only fly to Corfu from Glasgow on the right date 🙁 I was so stuck on Parga Town and can hardly get over my disappointment that I can’t get there!
    Have you ever been to Corfu?

    ♥ ThankFifi

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