Fashion DIY- How to Wear Your Pareo

We were with Vassia in Paros and I admired the way she was wearing her pareo. It looked like a cute flattering casual mini dress. As you might already know, I love my friend Vassia’s casual glam chic style. So, I asked her if she could do a quick step by step photographic tutorial for you. I realized it is really simple even though it seemed complicated at first. All you will need is a classic size sarong, the most versatile garment in the world!

Vassia Gika- How to Wear Your Pareo-0001


Vassia Gika How to wear a Pareo 2 CollageVassia Gika- How to Wear Your Pareo-0008

Step 1- Crab the two ends and tie the pareo behind your neck

Step 2- Crab the other two ends, twist and tie around your waist

Alternatively, you could tie it as a strapless dress! Which one do you like more?

Vassia was wearing:

Emmanuela swimwear bikini

Sunglasses Ray- Ban

Just in case you need a new pareo… These are my favorites!

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Photos © me

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